Minutes 2013 July

South Fremantle Precinct
The Meeting Place
11 July 2013


Our Precinct

  • The group agreed it wanted to focus on the ‘Big Picture’ and to be positively focused.

  • A focus on complaints had dragged the Precinct down last time and the group was keen to have the Precinct have a more positive mandate going forward.

  • Belinda noted that the position of Convenor needed to be agreed to and with the groups support agreed to be the Convenor until the end of the year.


  • The Fremantle Councils visioning process is underway, and early next year they will be looking to the Precinct to help formulate a vision for South Fremantle. It is important therefore that the Precinct begins to think about what is important and what we want to see in South Fremantle now.

  • Discussions focused on two key areas:

    1. The South Terrace Village

      1. Ideas which emerged included: underground power, trees, angled parking, reduced traffic speed, something to unite the area eg. similar trees (lit at night), sculptures, bike lanes, sculpture (incl at the Douro Rd roundabout), making the road one way (and single lane) etc.  These were early ideas which will will look to add to and hone as we go forward but clearly South Terrace as a focus for improvement was agreed to.

    2. Transport

      1. The growing population of Coogee and its impact in terms of traffic was a problem highlighted as was the need to better connect Fremantle township with South Beach.  The group saw having a light rail of some description using either the existing railway track or even potentially having a tram going down South Terrace as providing a solution to these problems.


  • It was agreed that the loss of both the Hulbert St Festival and the Kite Festival had left South Fremantle with few community events.  In addition there was support for taking action to support local traders.  These ideas culminated in agreement to progress the idea of an ‘International Breakfast and Bikes Festival’ along South Terrace.  In addition to having local traders serve international breakfast (eg. Indian , Mexican, Thai, English, Italian, Healthy, Unhealthy etc) with chairs and tables on the road, ideas included having music, displays etc along the strip to add activities and to showcase sustainable living ideas.


  • The group asked Councillor Jon Strachan to seek Council support for the closure of South Terrace from South St to Douro Rd for one Sunday morning in late November for the purposes of creating an open space for the event.

  • The group asked Belinda Keenan to speak to the Councils Festival staffer to register the Breakfast Festival as part of the Fremantle Festival

  • The group asked Liz Catchpole to speak to Shani to ask her to assist with a contacts list from the Hulbert St Festival.

  • The group asked Ken Ferguson to sound out local traders about the idea in principle to see if they were enthusiastic.

  • A follow up meeting will be held on Thursday 1st August at 7pm at the Corner Room. Members were encouraged to bring along other interested parties to the next meeting.


Thursday 1st August at 7pm at the Corner Room.

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John Tassicker July 15, 2013 at 11:53 am

Has the Precinct identified measurable outcomes for their work…..i.e. How will we know what is considered a “successful” outcome. Some examples might be……
a) to generate sufficient public interest in the area to encourage 5 day trading by all retailers / restaurants?
b) does the council financially support events more now than it once did?
c) Is there an increase in festivals?
d) any other measurable outcomes…….all welcome


Cr Andrew Sullivan July 15, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Great to see the precinct up and running again and focussed on the big picture. Sorry I didn’t attend the last meeting – frankly, I wasn’t aware the precinct had resurrected itself. Happy to attend in future.


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