Minutes August 2013

South Fremantle Precinct

Thursday 8th August 7pm
at the Corner Room



South Terrace International Breakfast Festival

  • At the last meeting the group had agreed to progress work to organise a South Terrace International Breakfast Festival.

  • In making initial inquiries for the Festival Belinda noted that she had received a clear indication from event co-ordination professionals that there was insufficient time to organise this event for this years Fremantle Festival.

  • In addition to time frames, Belinda noted that other concerns subsequently raised were:

    • That closing South Tce (Sth Freo side) would cost between $5k and $8k;

    • That there were concerns that there would be difficulty (and expense) in filling the very large amount of space (from Douro Rd to South St);

    • That the size of the event meant that professional coordination was required.

    • In addition that some traders had indicated that events did not need to be on South Terrace to benefit South Tce retailers.

  • DECISION: That the Breakfast Festival not proceed this year but that work continue in terms of investigating the possibility of organising a South Fremantle Festival at South Beach for April/May. To ensure the Festivals longevity the aim would be to ensure funding for professional coordination. Belinda would meet with Alexi at Sealanes to discuss the idea with him and to investigate the possibility of them providing funding and receiving naming rights to the Festival.

Parmelia Park Pizza Fiesta (Community Picnic)

2nd November 2013

  • In place of this Belinda recommended that the Precinct organise a community picnic for this years Fremantle Festival (in line with White Gum Valley’s ‘Valley Feast’.)

  • The proposed theme was a woodfired pizza fiesta with local musicians, traders and residents being asked to get involved by running activities, entertainment etc.)

  • Initial conversations with Council have been positive with the Festival’s team agreeing to provide financial support to cover a stage, amplifier, lighting and other infrastructure PLUS to ensure the park and toilets are prepared for the event.

  • DECISION: Precinct Members agreed to go ahead with the Parmelia Park Pizza Fiesta on Saturday November 2nd 2013, 4pm – 8pm @ Parmelia Park!  Belinda will lead a team of volunteers (see below) who will form the Fiesta Committee. The Committee is empowered with the right to make decisions to move the Fiesta forward and the group will report back on progress at the next precinct meeting.

Fiesta Committee

An initial call for volunteers saw the following people put there hands up.

    • Overall coordination: Belinda

    • Music: Possibly a local musician, Belinda to investigate

    • Marketing incl flyer: Matt and Therese

    • Infrastructure incl. Stage, Amp, Lights, Tables, Park Tidy up: Alex @ Council Festival Team

    • Pizza: Belinda (food) and ovens (Ken)

    • Activities:

      • Toddler Jam (Drew, Lilly St)

      • Line Dancing (Gill, Jenkin St)

      • Kids Obstacle Course (Craig & Phil S, Jenkin St)

      • Bocce (Renee, Lilly St)

      • Looking for more!

    • Community Engagement Activities: Ewan & Rachel

    • Parmelia Park Basketball Court Mural: Therese

  • Any members (or non-members) wanting to get involved in the Fiesta Committee (or share ideas) should contact Belinda.


  • At the previous meeting there was discussion about having both shorter and longer term plans for improving South Fremantle and esp South Terrace.  As part of our efforts to investigate and progress some shorter term ideas the group asked Mary Del Casale to introduce a range of ideas to improve South Terrace in the short to medium term.

  • Some of the ideas outlined by Mary included:

    • Art to mark the Precinct eg. community pole painting, Beach totem poles, Cowaramup Cows.

    • Zero cost: Be friendly, Connect with neighbours, Start something…

    • Ask for an existing Fremantle Festival event to be run in South Fremantle.

    • Organise Street Gatherings

    • Public Open Space Activation: Creative Maylands, Fun in the Park

    • Quirky Fun in Your Front Yard: Verge planting, Front yard seating, Dress your letterbox

    • Traders as Placemaking Champions eg. Moore and Moore Cafe, Red Umbrella Gallery.

  • A broad-ranging conversation was held with ideas.  Members were asked to decide on one thing they could take charge of moving forward on behalf of the group.

  • South Terrace Activators

    • Painting Light poles down south terrace like totem poles: Mary leading a team including Therese, Rachel, Ken, Tim, Steve

    • Install and decorate bus shelter(s) along South Terrace (Ken)

    • Installing bike racks on De Bello on South Terrace (Alex leading a team including Steve and Ewan)

    • Asking Morrison to get involved in the mural plans by East West. (Rachel)

    • Encouraging others to get involved in guerrilla gardening (Louis and Rose)

    • Asking about public art budget at Council to try and get public art along South Tce esp with a function eg.bike racks, seats… (Belinda to speak with Jon)

    • Options for using music as a placemaker in South Tce (Phil D.)

3. Next meeting

  • When? Thursday 3rd October @ 7pm

  • Where? TBA (Either at De Bello if it is open or the Meeting Place).

  • Agenda? On the agenda will be updates from the Fiesta Committee and the South Terrace Activators! Plus a speaker on either Light Rail or a local Trader. Members are asked to let Belinda know if they have a preference or suggestion.


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