Minutes 2013 October

South Fremantle Precinct

Thursday 2nd October 2013
at the Meeting Place


1. Parmelia Park Pizza Fiesta (Saturday November 2nd 2013, 4pm – 8pm @ Parmelia Park)

• Belinda reported back on work to coordinate the Pizza Fiesta

• Whilst coordination was proceeding well she noted that she needed more volunteers. Please contact if you can help.

• She also noted that members were asked to help promote the event through word of mouth, that is to personally invite anyone they meet or know who lives in South Fremantle.

• Key points in update:

  •  Paul Ferrari is organising the stage, PA and music. The music will be acoustic
  • Alex @ Council to organise a Welcome to Country
  • Draft flyer completed by EarlyWork, need to confirm some details before printing
  • Posters will be put in South Freo letterboxes and South Freo shops
  • Chrissy has organised to have information placed in the local Primary School newsletters
  • Claudia to follow up with Belinda’s initial contact with the Italian Club
  • Belinda to contact Jeny D’Anger at the Herald
  • Andrew to contact Jess at the Gazette
  • Belinda to follow up with Portuguese Club, no response to initial inquiries.
  • All Precinct members need to invite local South Freo residents personally, word of mouth is key
  • Belinda needs to send order for chairs and tables.
  • Wild Bakery has offered to make 300 pizzas for free for the community picnic. The group noted our gratitude for this extraordinary generosity!
  • Beilnda to ask Peaches to provide fresh ingredients
  • Beachy Primary will sell drinks as a fundraiser, Dirk (Green Smoothie Guy) might be able to attend and give $1 per drink to Beachy Primary
  • Katie reported that Ewan and her had identified two community engagement activities
  • Divide South Freo into four and colour code name tags.
  • Have an artist sketch a vision of South Fremantle based on ideas people submit
  • The Group agreed the Parmelia Park Basketball Mural was a good thing to proceed with. Belinda noted that Council was looking for an artist and she was working with local high schools to identify young people to repaint the basketball court on the day of the event.
  • Jamie Von Egmond (Freo Green Guide) is coordinating the Verge Competition for the Precinct. Precinct members are asked to send photos and addresses to Jamie.
  • Dale Neil has volunteered to photograph the event and run a photo booth with funny hats/scarfs etc.
  • Raymond and Peter from SF Physio to run a kids obstacle course
  • John Konig to bring his bocce balls and run a bocce game
  • Need a volunteer to run the cards / games area
  • Free balloons for kids from Taylor Vagg
  • Coffee vouchers for best dancers from De Bello Coffee
  • Phil and Rose setting up decorations which Sharnee and Tim have
  • Displays for local groups at event include: Meeting Place, South Freo Playgroup, Freo Farm,  Living Smarties, Florence St Park, South Freo Precinct
  • Plus two community development displays: South Terrace improvement (Jon) Wall of Neighbourly Inspiration (Belinda and Jamie)

2. South Terrace Activators

Alex noted that he has been investigating an artistic / sculptural bike rack to install in front of his new coffee roastery on South Tce. Work continues. Jon noted he would be attending a conference on bike infrastructure and would report back to the group on his findings.

Rachel has spoken to Morrison about extending the East-West mural on to their warehouse. She will continue to follow up.

Theresa and Iain reported back from the Light Pole group. Of the 46 poles on south tce in south fremantle the group felt 21 were paintable. They have met and their current thinking is to have the paintings extend to 2m, have a blue background and have the flags of local residents painted to reflect the multicultural community. Precinct members were supportive of the groups ideas and agreed the group should start with one and go from there.

Ken was still keen to see concrete bus stops installed and painted. Jon agreed to investigate the location of unused bus stops on Ken’s behalf. It was noted that residents sometimes opposed the installation of bus shelters but at least two of the South Tce stops were in business areas so possibly more likely to be accepted.

3. Business Group
• Belinda noted that there was strong support from local South Tce traders to work together to promote business in the area. Belinda has discussed with Council staff and has received an offer by a member of the Economic Development Team to support the development of a Business Group as an adjunct to the Precinct Group.

• Alex noted that he felt a meeting in early December (a Tues evening) was viable and Belinda agreed to coordinate.

4. Precinct Meeting Schedule for 2014
• It was agreed that the Precinct would meet at 7pm at the Meeting Place every second month on the first Thursday evening of the month beginning in February 2014.

• This would mean that the next Precinct meeting would be Thursday 6th February 2014.

• Iain Bailey agreed to review development proposals which he continued to receive from Council and to bring any he felt may be of interest to the group as appropriate.

4. Meet the Candidates
• Andrew Sullivan and Claudia Green both outlined their ideas for South Fremantle and were asked by questions by Precinct Members.

5. Closing
• Belinda thanked everyone for coming, wished the Candidates the best of luck and encouraged everyone to invite South Fremantle residents to the Pizza Fiesta on Saturday November 2nd 2013, 4pm – 8pm @ Parmelia Park.


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