Minutes 2014 February

South Fremantle Precinct
7pm Thursday 6th February
@ The Meeting Place



1. Report on Pizza Fiesta (Belinda Keenan)

  • The first South Fremantle Pizza Fiesta was a great success and the South Fremantle Precinct thanks all of those who helped organise the event. (See Appendix 1)
  • Belinda noted some areas for improvement in regards to furniture, shade etc but overall the group agreed it was a successful event which achieved its objectives.
  • There was interest in holding the event annually and this will be discussed at the April Precinct Meeting. Volunteers are needed!

2. South Tce Improvements (Cr Jon Strachen)

  • One of the initiatives at the 2013 Pizza Fiesta was the gathering of feedback on improvements to South Terrace. Jon outlined the feedback received from residents at the Fiesta which included making South Terrace more bike and pedestrian friendly and addressing parking issues. (See Appendix 2)
  • The next step will be for Jon and Andrew to discuss feasible first steps with Council staff.

3. Public Transport options for South Fremantle (Simone McGurk, MP)

  • The increased population living south of South Fremantle and the increase in road transport to the Port is increasingly affecting South Fremantle (esp. on Hampton Road but also Douro Rd). Discussions at Precinct Meetings in 2013 identified the need to look closely at the options around public transport.
  • METRONET: Simone McGurk outlined the MetroNet plan which included the extension of the Fremantle train line (heavy rail) down the coast. She noted that to do this required work in the West End.  It’s not yet clear whether MetroNet will be WA Labor’s policy at the next election, as this area requires significant budgetary commitments. Labor will make clear prior to the next election what our public transport commitments are.
  • LIGHT RAIL: Andrew and Jon outlined the Fremantle Councils efforts to see light rail linking Fremantle with suburbs east of the City and Murdoch University.
  • MAX: The current Liberal State government’s MAX light rail plan is limited to the northern suburbs and has been scaled back.[i]
  • The Precinct concluded that it needed to support all efforts to promote public transport to address increasing traffic congestion in South Fremantle and mooted the idea of possibly having public transport as a focus of the next Pizza Fiesta.

4. Tip site vegetation (Cr Andrew Sullivan)

  • Andrew outlined the poor state of the path running through the South Fremantle tip site from Hampton Rd.  Specific concerns related to shrubs being too close to the path, an overabundance of Victorian tea tree’s and problems with anti-social behaviour incl. vandalism. Andrew is seeking funding to thin out the low shrubs to create a more open landscape and to plant more appropriate trees and lower ground covers.
  • If funding is available work will go ahead mid-year.

Next Meeting

  • Thursday 3rd April 2014 at The Meeting Place. Please help promote the meeting by inviting your neighbours personally.





Dear South Fremantle Precinct Members

To everyone who helped make the Pizza Fiesta a success, thank you! The messages of thanks I’ve received have been generous but have made me somewhat uncomfortable because clearly I had a lot of help (although that tree of neighbourliness was all me!!). So here goes…

With all my heart thank you….

  • To Daragh (Wild Bakery) for offering to make gourmet pizza for 100, then 200 then 400 people without batting an eyelid, and for having to slave away till the wee hours of the night to get his real work done because he made pizza for us for four hours. THANKYOU!! It was typical of Wild Bakery, delicious and beautiful;
  • To Rob (Peaches Fresh) for providing the produce with the brush of his hand and a simple ‘done’;
  • To European Foods for the cheese (without which pizza just ain’t pizza);
  • To Ray (South Freo Physio) and Carlene for putting together an amazing obstacle course which rarely had fewer than seven kids lined up to tear around wildly testing their speed and agility;
  • To Merome and Peter (South Freo Physio) and Beaconsfield Primary parents for running a healthy, tasty, homemade snack bar with possibly the best homemade lemonade I’ve tasted;
  • To Sharni our MC for that and for all she does and has done for South Fremantle, and for being the quintessential South Freo-ite;
  • To Paul for seamlessly melding together kids, animals and professional musicians (what could possibly go wrong??) I owe you a Wild Bakery salt caramel slice;
  • To the musicians and performers who gave their time and talent to entertain us. Nothing transforms a place the way music does;
  • To Alessandra and Olivia for making the basketball court mural personal, reflective of our community and beautiful, and to the many young people who worked with you create it (toilet block next year??);
  • To Taylor (South Fremantle Chiropractic) for being the first hand in the air to offer help, and for making our littlest locals feel welcome;
  • To Allison (Atomic Babies) for keeping little hands busy;
  • To Kate (Early Work) for our bright bubbly flyer, which suddenly made the event look tantalisingly (and terrifyingly) real;
  • To Phil for scaling trees in the dark to make sure Parmelia Park was decorated and ready to party;
  • To Craig, Louis, Jim, Bryan, Ray and Phil for lugging tables, chairs, display boards and 40 enormous pizzas at speed;
  • To Rose for pinning and posting;
  • To Jamie for taking the verge competition to a whole new level;
  • To Rachel for posting up flyers and gathering prizes;
  • To Jon for starting the ball rolling on building a vision for South Terrace;
  • To Therese, Ruth, Katie and Cathy for enough enthusiasm to power all of South Fremantle;
  • To Roz for a gorgeous wishing well made out of a Peaches box (and here I am just carrying veggies in them);
  • To Phil for the pegs when we needed them;
  • To Chrissie for working with schools, getting dozens of people to join the Precinct and for the last minute chalk run;
  • To David at Valentine’s Camera House Fremantle for printing Jamies’ verge pics for free without second thought;
  • To Banjurra, Sealanes, Source, Public and Co, Replants, the new owner and manager of the South Fremantle Garden Centre, Di Bella coffee and Zero to Ten for their generous prizes;
  • To Stenka for the choice of five hats, and your recycling bin just in the nick of time;
  • To Louis for spending his Sunday morning picking over the park;
  • To Jemima and Banjo for your wonderful Pets Parade;
  • To John for the bocce and scooters;
  • And finally to the Fremantle Council and especially to Alex, Bruna and Christine for their support, encouragement and experience (and for paying for the stage, furniture, mural and printing).

I fear I have missed someone, and if I have please accept my apology! It is not from lack of appreciation! Thank you everyone who came and had a great time.


APPENDIX 2: South Fremantle Precinct          South Terrace Visioning


On 2nd November 2013 The Precinct held a Precinct in The Park event, which was very well attended.  One of the activities was a table with plans of South Terrace from Douro Road to South Street for people to mark up and a logbook for comments.  This table was coordinated by Cr Jon Strachan, who subsequently distilled the information onto one map and created this document.

There are no value judgments in the following; they are reported as accurately as possible.  Obviously there are some contradictions and requests that involve third parties.


Whole section

  • Bike Lanes.  One suggestion is bi-directional.
  • 40km/h speed limit.
  • More trees.
  • Very poor sightlines when exiting side streets.


Douro Road to McLaren Street

  1. Make roundabout pedestrian friendly and introduce crosswalks/zebra crossings.
  2. Move CAT bus stop from Orient St to outside 404 South Tce
  3. Need for urban renewal on western side from Douro to Joe Sleeman Court.  HV power needs to be undergrounded as part of renewal.
  4. Bike Lanes
  5. 40km/h Speed Limit
  6. General beautification.  Murals, mosaics, sculptures etc
  7. Residents parking bays
  8. Bus shelters that shelter
  9. Trees on central reservation


McLaren Street to Jenkins Street

  1. Pedestrian Crossing.
  2. Copenhagen Bike Lanes.
  3. On again, off again Central islands create hazard.  Remove and use area gained for bike lanes.


Jenkins Street to Nelson Street

  1. Poor visibility of central reservations.
  2. Right turn only from Little Lefroy into South Terrace.
  3. Bike Lanes.
  4. 40km/h limit.




Nelson Street to South Street

  1. Contrasting pavement treatment.
  2. Angle parking.
  3. Poor pavement finish adjacent to Silver St
  4. Pedestrian crossing
  5. Central Island dangerous as 2 lanes merge into 1.
  6. Remove parking bays as parked cars impede sightlines


Anecdotal Evidence

Whole section

  • There was an overwhelming call for the road to be bike friendly.
  • The conditions have deteriorated rapidly, as a result of new and popular businesses.  These businesses are supported, but traffic impacts need to be ameliorated.
  • Bus infrastructure requires upgrade.
  • Residents parking priority.
  • Very poor sightlines when exiting side streets.
  • Need for softening public domain with trees.


Douro Road to McLaren Street

  • There was an overwhelming call for safer access to the beach.  It is unsafe to be anywhere near the roundabout.
  • The vacant block (former petrol station) and closed up shops are visual pollution, as is the Sealanes site.
  • High voltage power lines are a severe constraint; need to be integrated with any redevelopment.
  • Need for trees to soften public domain


McLaren Street to Jenkin Street

  • This section is predominantly residential and traffic speeds increase.  The ad hoc central reservations create hazards.


Jenkin Street to Nelson Street

  • This is section with highest density of businesses, and consequent highest risks from drivers distracted looking for parking.
  • Sightlines from side streets poor, especially Little Lefroy.
  • High risk to cyclists.



  • Open up exit from beach carpark at northern end directly onto Marine Tce.
  • Underground power.
  • Improved streetscape including brick paved paths and more trees.
  • Traffic calming.
  • Bigger rubbish bins.
  • Extending off road bike lane to South Beach Village.
  • One way on South Tce, contra flow on Marine Tce.
  • Cobblestone streets.
  • Solve parking conundrum.
  • Improve footpaths.
  • Relocate Sealanes.
  • More Trees.
  • Pedestrian crossing close to Scott Street.
  • Protected bike lanes.
  • Reduced speed.
  • More shade.
  • Rest spots along South Terrace.
  • Gardens (community) and shade trees.
  • Block off traffic 8am to 8pm.
  • Bus stop shelters.
  • Bike lanes.
  • Turn South Tce into one way.


[i] “The Barnett Government has abandoned making any decision to build the MAX light rail project until after the next State election, breaking an election promise that the project would be up and running by 2018.”

Source: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/latest/a/20385289/max-rail-off-as-state-chases-aaa-rating/

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