Minutes April 2014

Thursday 3rd April 2014
Venue: The Meeting Place

1. Hollis St Park Re-vegetation Initiative

    • Adin is a local resident who uses the pathway which runs from Hampton Rd to South Beach along the north side of the tip site. He has been dismayed at the condition of the area and has taken on the task of trying to weed and re-vegetate the area – see attached file for Stage 1 (marked in GREEN).
    • So far Adin has managed to get agreement from FERN for potential volunteers to plant the seedlings on a planting day on June 24th, and Council has agreed to weed and mulch the area however funding is still required to purchase the plants.  Cr. Andrew Sullivan is working to try and have budget allocated however this is uncertain at this point.
    • Anyone who would like to be involved on the day, donate funds or has any thoughts about where Adin might be able to raise funds to purchase the seedlings can contact him on 0438998829 or (adinlang@gmail.com).


2. Update on South Tce Improvement (Cr. Jon Strachen)

  • At the last Precinct meeting Cr Jon Strachen summarised community feedback on improving South Tce which had been received at last years Pizza Fiesta. (See minutes from last meeting).
  • Since then he has been working with Council staff to develop a plan for the area which reflects these ideas.
  • A draft plan will be released before the Precinct’s next meeting in June and Jon will look to have it displayed at The Meeting Place for residents to comment on.

3. New Business Venture on South Tce (Gavin Buckley)

  • Gavin Buckley introduced himself and outlined his plans for opening a restaurant and food park at Douro Rd intersection with South Tce. The group was very supportive of the plan although Gavin noted it was subject to agreement from building owners. The group welcomed Gavin to the area.

4. South Terrace Business Group

  • Belinda noted that she was working to organise the first meeting of local South Tce traders for 7pm Tuesday 13th May at Di Bella Coffee. Business owners on South Tce have been invited to attend the meeting to support and promote cooperation between local businesses. Luis Puig (Economic Development Coordinator, Fremantle Council) will provide input to the meeting as will our local Councillors Cr. Jon Strachen and Cr. Andrew Sullivan.

5. Donna re. Wilson Park

  • Donna raised concerns about the condition of Wilson Park which has suffered from lack of watering over summer (due to a broken bore) and excessive use as a carpark.
  • A wide ranging conversation was had by Precinct members with general agreement that the park was under considerable pressure and needed attention.
  • Cr. Jon Strachen noted that a plan for remedial work to the park was going to Council next Wednesday 9th April (the agenda will be on the Council’s webpage by the end of business on Friday) and that residents could attend the meeting and comment on the plan individually.
  • However the group agreed that Wilson Park and South Beach itself needed to be properly discussed as there were many issues which were not being addressed. The issue will be raised again at the next meeting with a plan for how to take the issue further.



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Mattie Turnbull April 30, 2014 at 5:54 pm

Excited about Adin’s initiative but just clarifying that it is the ‘laneway’ running parallel (sort of) to Douro Road? thanks very much


Andrew Luobikis April 11, 2016 at 8:52 pm

Hi Belinda,

My understanding is Adin Lang is a resident of Hamilton Hill in the Cockburn Shire. Is he a member of this precinct and if so how is this possible?

Can this be raised at the next precinct meeting for debate?

Also what is the date of the next meeting?


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