Minutes 2011 May

South Fremantle Community Precinct P O box 489, South Fremantle, W A 6162

Minutes SFCP meeting held Thursday 5May 2011 at the Meeting Place South Fremantle.

Meeting Opened 7.00pm
Rod Murray
Minutes: Ian Baillie

14 Residents plus 2 F C


The chair welcomed all present

Confirmation of minutes:
Minutes of the June meeting were confirmed. Moved L Symes Seconded R Murray


At South Beach
The meeting was addressed by Cameron Bartkowski (Ranger and Community Safety Coordinator) and Chris Brown (Ranger) from the City of Fremantle.

Cameron informed the meeting that the number of campers at South Beach had increased this year due to the cyclones and flooding which devastated Queensland and Victoria earlier in the year also South Beach was promoted on a W. A. tourism web site.

It was also stated that 80% of the campers that used South Beach were responsible and their presence helped in reducing vandalism and graffiti at the beach.

Part of the litter problem was that there were not enough bins to cope with increase in visitor numbers.

The mix of visitors to the beach included locals, inter-state and international tourists,  Another factor that brought in visitors was when festivals were held in Fremantle visitor numbers  at South Beach increased.

Cameron also intimated that the council had received complaints re overnight camping and an increase in litter, alcohol consumption and noise, campers parking on Wilson Park was also a problem.

It was also stated that there was some support to “manage” the situation that would allow visitors to use South Beach as a base.

Cameron asked the meeting for comments and recommendations; the overall feeling from the residents was that overnight camping should be prohibited due to the following.


  • Increased litter
  • Continual noise of drumming and loud music into late
  • Illegal alcohol consumption.
  • Health and hygiene concerns as toilets are closed
    and the campers use the sand dunes as toilets.
  • Showers being used to clean cooking utensils
  • Vehicles taking up two bays, back door of vehicles
    protruding over footpath.
  • When complaints are lodged with the police there is
    no action taken.


  • Wilson Park should have copper logs installed around the perimeter with a gate access, that would allow controlled parking.
  • Additional rubbish bins to be installed in Wilson Park and at South Beach
  • A boom gate/ bollards to be installed at the southern end of the café car park so that the car park can be closed at night ( when rangers finish their shift) and open 5/6pm the next day
  • Better signage should be installed in appropriate areas re no camping/ no dogs on grassed area
  • Campers who park overnight should be banned from parking at South Beach for 30 days.
  • It was pointed out that the closure of the café car park may just shift the problems to the southern end of South Beach.

Dogs on Grassed Area

Cameron Bartowski also asked the meeting on their views on allowing dogs to be on the grassed area providing they were on a leash/ restraint. The meeting was not in favour of this change, the reason being there should always be an area which is “dog free”.


Wilson Park Up-Date

As per the Wilson Park working groups document which was related to the meeting.

This topic will be discussed the June meeting.

The closure of the railway crossing in the middle of the park is seen as a negative.

Other Business

Victoria Quay

The meeting was addressed by June Hutchinson from the Victoria Quay Task Force regarding development submissions for the Victoria Quay area.

With the demise of the ING development new submissions are being sought by the  Port Authority re this site.

The Task Force has submitted their development plan which adheres to the original Fremantle waterfront master plan. A copy of which will be forwarded to the precinct.

Wray Ave Roundabout

The meeting was informed that the start date for work on the new roundabout was Monday the 9th May.

There was a suggestion that traffic entering Howard St from the roundabout will only be able to turn southward at the Marine Terrace.

Fremantle Heritage Festival

Information re upcoming events relating to the F.H.F. was tabled.

Meeting Closed 8.50 pm


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