Minutes 2011 June

South Fremantle Community Precinct P O box 489, South Fremantle, W A 6162

Minutes SFCP meeting held Thursday 2 June 11 at the Meeting Place South Fremantle

Meeting Opened 7.05pm

Chair: Rod Murray
Minutes Ian Baillie

13 residents

C Hall  B Quinn, J Strachan and Jack Turnbull

The chair welcomed all present

Confirmation of minutes:
The minutes of the May meeting of the SFCP were confirmed. Moved J Lynch Seconded R Murray


Wilson Park/ Camping/South Beach

The meeting was informed of the council’s response to the suggestions on dealing with the camping/ parking issues which were highlighted at the May precinct meeting

They are as follows:

  1. The installation of copper logs around the perimeter of Wilson Park. Answer: Requires council approval cost $60,000
  2. Installation of additional rubbish bin at SB.  Answer: Can be accomplished early in the new financial year.
  3. Boom gate/ Bollards to be installed in car park.  Answer: No response
  4. Better signage should be installed re no camping/ no dogs on grassed area. Answer: Parks & Landscape will be installing new signage in the S B area early in the new financial year.
  5. Campers who overnight at S B overnight should be banned for 30 days Answer: No response.

The meeting then discussed the Wilson Park working group’s recommendations which included some of the above. Items such as shifting the basketball courts / parking under the trees in the park / seating etc to be followed up with the council. Documents from 2006 were tabled at the meeting depicting the very same problems as to-days.  The first mention of installing bollards was in 2003. The cost in 2006 was $26,000 (precinct minutes) The Herald article headlined Don’t Park on the parkn dated 26/2/2005.  The article in last weeks  Herald stating “Light rail through Wilson Park” was discussed . The precinct had sought clarification from the council re this matter, it was stated that it had come from the community consultation/ information paper on Public Transit Corridor Planning. No decisions have been made regarding this subject let alone decisions about transit alignments. Further discussion took place regarding the refurbishment of the toilet block it was suggested that it should incorporate local artwork, and the precinct should ask the council to consider funding this project, this lead to a wider discussion relating to the South Beach area, it was suggested that the area required to  be looked at  with the view of a total up-grade which would include tree planting up-grading the rubbish bins/ seating and signage, the toilet up-grade  would be included and should incorporate local artwork.

ISAF/ Esplanade Park

There was concern shown that the mound in the park may be flattened to allow a stage setting for the sailing championships. The Mayor has assured the community this will not happen.

Up-Date VQTF Victoria Quay Submission

Information re this submission was relayed to the meeting.

Other Business

State Cultural Heritage Policy

A letter from Sue Ellery MLC was tabled at the meeting relating to reviewing the heritage act. Further info regarding this matter can be obtained by phoning 93121566 or www.heritage.wa.gov.au

Heritage Snippets

As this was heritage week the meeting was informed of some of the historical facts relating to South Fremantle from 1828-1993

Heritage Q&A

The meeting was informed that the public Q&A forum held last week was very informative.

Scheme amendment no 46 –  small secondary dwellings

There was some concern regarding this far reaching change to the day to day structure of living in Fremantle, it was thought that it was being pushed through without
proper consultation.  The extra infill could possibly lead to increased street parking, noise and in some cases loss of  privacy. The closing datefor submissions re this item is 1st July 2011

Next Meeting

There will be a guest speaker attending the next meeting from the Fair-Trade organization. We will also be seeking nominations for the position of co-convener and recording
the minutes.

Ian Baillie has stood down from that position of co-convener .

The meeting thanked Ian for his involvement over the past years.

Meeting closed 8. 40 pm


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